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My Two Cents offers bookkeeping and accounting services, taxation, financials, business setup, support and advice for contractors, sole traders and small to medium businesses.

“Affordable accounting solutions, saving you time so you can focus on your business”


We have the skills and knowledge to help you run your business efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money so you can focus on what you do best – your business.

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Setting up the right legal and financial foundations

You've got the idea and the business plan ready to roll. But what are the main legal and financial areas you need in place to keep your new business compliant? Whether it's registering as a limitedRead more

Get paid online, straight into Xero, and improve your cash flow

The easier you make it for customers to pay you, the faster you'll receive payment – that’s good news for both your cashflow position and your aged debt levels! There’s a wide range of onlineRead more

Remote work is on the rise - given it much thought?

Remote working has become more and more common as developments in technology have allowed us to communicate and collaborate no matter where we are. In fact, most of us are already logging on fromRead more

What to look for in a small business mentor

Whether you’re starting your first small business or you’re a serial entrepreneur, you’ll probably do better with a mentor. Not because they have all the right answers, far from it. The bestRead more

Working for yourself? Have you got your Super sorted?

When you’re employed, your employer makes compulsory contributions to your superannuation. When you work for yourself as a sole trader, or you’re in a partnership, making super payments isn’tRead more

Keeping yourself, your business and your customers safe online

Access to the internet is now second nature for those of us working online every day. It has fast become a business imperative to connect to customers, transact business and network acrossRead more

Why use Xero? The benefits of cloud accounting

Xero offers your business a simple, yet powerful, way to manage all your finances in the cloud. With Xero as your core finance system, you get real control over every element of running yourRead more

Is AIM right for your business?

The Accounting Income Method (AIM) is a new way of working out your provisional tax. It means that you’ll only pay provisional tax when your business makes a profit. AIM was introduced in early 20Read more

Modernise your accounting from Excel

If you’re using Excel for accounting, I’d like to share how accounting software makes things much easier. Excel is great for some tasks, but as you start to grow, it’s unlikely yourRead more

Want to take a holiday from your business?

Whether you’re heading into a holiday period, or just planning to take a break (and congratulations, because a healthy business means work-life balance), it’s important to keep your cashflowRead more

Donations to charitable organisations

Donating to charity not only supports the vital work of an organisation or group, but it can have positive side-effects when it comes to claiming tax deductions. To be eligible for a tax credit, youRead more

2018 Law changes summary

2018 has been the year of law reforms.  There have been so many changes and reforms it's been a challenge too keep up. And with many more changes still to roll out in April 2019, it's so important Read more
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“Haley is absolutely fantastic! I am a sole trader and in my first year of trade so I really had no idea what I was doing. Haley made it super easy for me and was so helpful with any questions I had. She is very professional and great with communication. It was so good to be able to hand it all over to Haley to sort out everything for me. I also found her services were very affordable and was pleasantly surprised with our bill. Thanks so much Haley!”

- Cat Lundin, Thingamajigs

“As a sole trader, I know I can leave it up to Haley to sort the IRD requirements, cover the technical stuff and make the end of financial year a breeze so I can get on doing what I do.
Perfect!! Thanks Haley.”

- Mandy Jackson, ATMA Business Assistance