What We Do

My Two Cents offers bookkeeping, accounting and taxation services; as well as a range of business setup, planning and advisory services for small businesses located in Northland and throughout New Zealand.

Business Setup & Support

With the added benefit of being Certified Xero Advisers and Xero Payroll Certified we can have you and your business up and running with Xero in no time.

Our Mission

To collaborate with small businesses to create success through exceptional business support

2020 ICNZB Excellence Awards Finalist: Bookkeeper in a Small Practice and Bookkeeper of the Year

2019 ICNZB Excellence Awards Winner: Bookkeeper in a Small Practice

“Affordable accounting and bookkeeping solutions, saving you time so you can focus on your business”


We have the skills and knowledge to help you run your business efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money so you can focus on what you do best – your business.

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When life gives you lemons, pivot

The world of business has been transformed this year and the only way forward is to adapt.  When we have had advisory meetings with our clients, there has been much discussion about diversifyingRead more

Top Tips for Prospering in a Pandemic

There has been much discussion in our office about what a business owner can do to keep their business - not only trading but successful, in the current climate.  Business is challenging at the bestRead more

Running effective online meetings

In these unprecedented times, businesses must adapt to remain productive. Staff must be able to work remotely to keep the business going. If face-to-face meetings are a key part of your dailyRead more

Time management tips I swear by!

Good time management is crucial to sustain or increase productivity at work. But everyday brings new distractions that take your attention away from what needs to be done - phone calls, emails,Read more

GST - How to avoid filing errors

Most GST errors are unintentional. Even so, they can have a big impact on your business as they may result in you paying too much, or not enough GST. Whether you file the GST return yourself or whetRead more

Xero Assistance Program (XAP)

Xero is passionate about small businesses in New Zealand, but are aware of an ever growing need for mental health support for small business owners, their staff and families. One of the reasons I'mRead more

Understanding Your Balance Sheet

To understand the financial position of a business at a specific point of time, look at the balance sheet. The balance sheet may also be called the statement of financial position. Together with theRead more

Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

Your profit and loss statement (P&L) helps you understand your business performance and profitability over time. It’s sometimes called an Income statement and its main purpose is to list income andRead more

The Team at My Two Cents

I think it's about time I made some introductions! For just over year now there has been two of us making up the team at My Two Cents. Most of you know me - I'm Haley, your Certified Bookkeeper,Read more

Questions about GST?

In New Zealand, goods and services tax (GST) is added to the price of most products and services. If your business is GST registered, you collect GST from customers (by adding 15% to your sale price)Read more

How to achieve business success

The success of your business is in your hands. The path to success is a journey, you can chart your path by setting goals and tracking progress. Change may be the only certainty in business, but youRead more

Building a better business in 10 steps

You’re in business, congratulations, that takes courage and commitment. It’s not easy, and at times you might find yourself questioning why you’re even doing it, but you’re here because youRead more


"Haley Wilson from My Two Cents is the lifeblood of our organisation. She works alongside our staff to encourage understanding of budgets and forward planning. The value of the work she provides is of the highest quality and calibre. Having an upbeat positive attitude can make all the difference when speaking about money and Haley is able to provide calm solutions and pathways forward through complex budgets. The benefits of a well-run financial plan have directly benefited the hard working committed employees at our Waiheke Resources Trust."

- Mike Maahs, Manager, Waiheke Resources Trust

“As a sole trader, I know I can leave it up to Haley to sort the IRD requirements, cover the technical stuff and make the end of financial year a breeze so I can get on doing what I do.
Perfect!! Thanks Haley.”

- Mandy Jackson, ATMA Business Assistance