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WorkflowMax is Shutting Down - Here's What You Need to Know

If you’re a business owner currently using WorkflowMax, you will be aware that this popular job management software by Xero will be shutting down on June 26, 2024. This means you’ll no longer be able to use the program after this date, and it’s crucial to start planning your transition to a new system now.

Time for a Changeover

To ensure a smooth transition and avoid any disruption to your business operations, you need to choose and migrate to a new job management software before WorkflowMax is discontinued. We understand that this can be a daunting task, which is why we at My Two Cents Accounting can help you with your migration and have carefully selected an excellent alternative to WorkflowMax: Workguru.

Why Workguru?

Workguru is a powerful all-in-one job management software that’s perfect for businesses needing a robust solution. Here’s why we recommend Workguru:

  • Customisable to Your Needs: Workguru can be tailored to fit your specific business requirements.

  • Seamless Integration with Xero: It supports everything from quotes to invoices, as well as timesheets and inventory, making your operations smoother and more efficient.

  • Ease of Use: Customers love Workguru for its simplicity and comprehensive features.

  • Versatility: It’s ideal for a range of industries including Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Workshops, and Professional Services.

Our Expertise at Your Service

At My Two Cents Accounting, we are proud to be Northland’s Workguru Partner. Our Certified Bookkeeper, Tiffany Jackson, who has been certified with WorkflowMax and has used it for years, will lead the migration process from WorkflowMax to Workguru. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your transition will be handled smoothly and efficiently.

How We Can Help

We offer comprehensive WorkflowMax Migration Support Services to help you make the switch to Workguru. Additionally, we provide Workguru training to ensure you and your team are comfortable and proficient with the new software.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in learning more about our migration support services or need any training on Workguru, don’t hesitate to reach out. At My Two Cents Accounting, we’re dedicated to making your transition as seamless as possible.

Let’s ensure your business continues to thrive without interruption. Contact us today to get started on your migration from WorkflowMax to Workguru.

My Two Cents Accounting – Certified WorkflowMax Partner, Certified Xero Partner