Q: If I terminate my Compliance & Taxation monthly plan part way through the financial year, will I get a refund for the fees I have already paid?

A: No. Compliance activities are performed by us incrementally though the year. This means we are building a compliant tax file for you each month that we handle your account. The fees you have paid to us have covered that work already performed. For this reason, there is no refund available.

Q: If I terminate my Compliance & Taxation monthly plan part way through the financial year, are there any fees to pay?

A: Yes. Our monthly fee plans are designed to spread the cost of an annual compliance service across a 12-month period. If you cancel before your financial year end, we have already supplied a significant amount of service to prepare your accounts. We have not yet charged you for them as we expected your monthly instalments to cover these costs.

For this reason, it is important to note that termination fees shall apply. Where you ask us to finalise your tax returns and financials for handover to a new accountant within the last financial quarter, an additional fee shall be payable.  

Please refer to our Termination Fees Schedule for full details.

Q: If I terminate my monthly plan < 3 months out from the end of the financial year - who will complete my tax returns and financials?

A: We recommend that we complete your tax returns and financials if you choose to terminate your contract this close to the end of the financial year. We have completed all of your compliance work to date and are in the best position to finalise the year for you. We can manage the hand over to your new accountants and work with them to make sure all of your business services are taken care of.

Q: Aren’t I only paying for my tax returns and financial statements to be completed? Why would this not be refunded if you don’t complete these?

A: The annual compliance work we complete, is completed incrementally through the year. A lot of this work is not visible or obvious as it’s all done within your Xero subscription, IRD portal or client file. The final preparation of returns and reports are a small piece of the puzzle, and what you see of all the work we have managed throughout the year.


Q: Why do I need to pay an onboarding fee?

A:  There is a lot of administrative work when it comes to onboarding clients. To make sure the onboarding process is as easy and stress free as possible for clients, we manage the bulk of the communication with previous accountants, IRD, Companies Office and other parties to get all the information we need to onboard you and start the client relationship in the most positive way possible. While the onboarding process can take some time behind the scenes, this fee covers a reasonable portion of the time put into the process.


Q: Can I waive giving 30 days’ notice?

A: We can review this on a case by case basis depending on the situation. You will still need to pay any applicable termination fees.

Please refer to our Termination Fees Schedule for full details.

Q: If I sign up for a monthly plan, can I then change to pay-as-you-go?

A: Yes you can. There will be a change-over period between the monthly plan and us invoicing you on completion of work. We can work through this with you.

Note: Our standard termination fees will apply to cancellation of a monthly plan.

Please refer to our Termination Fees Schedule for full details.


Q: If I change my mind after signing my proposal can I cancel my monthly plan?

A: Yes you can. We offer a cooling off period. If you change your mind within 5 Business Days of signing and work hasn’t started, we will work with you to come to the best possible solution.

Kindly note that if services have already commenced, our termination fees shall apply.

Onboarding fees are non-refundable.


Q: Why am I being charged for services outside of my monthly plan, I thought everything was included?

A: Any services requested outside of the scope agreed for your monthly plan services are classed as out-of-scope work. We endeavour to notify you prior to completing any work that is out of scope and will be charged accordingly based on our current published hourly rate.

If the services are not listed in your proposal, this will be an out-of-scope service.